The Opportunity



Looking to diversify revenue streams from your land?

Looking to become more energy independent?

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

Well look no more! Small scale hydropower technologies can generate electricity from small rivers or canals with even the most gentle slope or small drop. Hydropower at this scale has several key advantages:

  • Stable source of income
  • Minimal visual impact
  • Clean source of energy with minimal impact on the environment

Why Stroom


our tailored maps

Stroom identifies profitable small scale hydropower opportunities, using satellite imagery and geospatial datasets. Stroom will:

  • Perform a quick, initial analysis of your entire land portfolio, finding and mapping all profitable hydropower opportunities
  • Provide a detailed report for each opportunity you wish to pursue
  • Bring in the right suppliers that can build a profitable scheme

Ready to unlock your land's potential?