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We increase the uptake of small scale hydropower using satellite imagery to find untapped potential and match landowner with supplier.



Why Small Scale Hydropower?


Hydropower is a great source of renewable energy!  It's constant production of electricity and limited visual impact have some clear advantages over variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.  And on a small scale, without building large dams and reservoirs, it has a limited impact on its natural environment!

Ever improving turbine technologies make it possible to generate power from smaller rivers and lower drops without the need to construct dams or reservoirs. These turbines can often generate enough power for several households or a small community!


What is holding us back?



Landowners are often unaware of the hydropower possibilities new turbine technology advancements have unlocked in their lands. With more but smaller potential sites arising, they are more difficult to find.




Landowners get charged thousands of pounds to investigate a single site and suppliers spend a lot of time and resources finding and analysing each site. Hydropower assessments are expensive for all, with no guarantee of a successful outcome.

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Finding the right hydropower supplier and going through assessment, regulatory and commissioning processes is time consuming and complex. 


We Map and Match


Tailored Mapping

We will create tailored hydropower potential maps by analysing satellite imagery and geospatial datasets to automatically identify profitable hydropower opportunities on large plots of land.

Tailored MatchinG

We will then match landowners with the right hydropower suppliers that can build a profitable hydropower scheme for each specific site!

Who are we?

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stroom (dutch) / [strom] / noun 

a. power n.    b. current n.     c. flow n.     d. stream n.

e. clean energy start-up using satellite technology to bring easy, clean and cheap energy on a consumer scale

f. three friends sharing a passion for sustainability and using their skills in Business Strategy, Geospatial Analytics and UI/UX Design that want to make hydropower a more considered renewable energy source

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