We met in the canteen...

Stroom is three colleagues at the Satellite Applications Catapult, from different teams exploiting satellite technology. Apart from our shared interest in space and our love for canteen food, we have a strong passion for sustainability. From our different backgrounds and experiences we came up with a concept that would make it easier and more affordable for individuals and communities to harness the power of their local streams.


We entered a competition for fun...

After a lot of talking without really taking any action, we decided to enter our idea for the Oxford Entrepreneur's Idea Idol. A 200 word application for a £10,000 prize, bargain! One thing led to another and before we realised, we were on stage at the Saïd Business School, holding a massive fake cheque for the runner-up prize! We had a lot of fun and a lot of good feedback, so we decided to take Stroom to the next level. We then got into the FAB accelerator programme where we have recently graduated and where we've won the final pitching event! The champagne was great!

We are currently being supported by our employer, the Satellite Applications Catapult, to develop Stroom, under their 10% time initiative. This initiative encourages entrepreneurship within the company and allows each of us to spend 10% of our time on a personal project. We are currently building our MVP to demonstrate the technology with a few launch partners and are preparing for investment by early 2018. 


The Team

Christophe BHA Nov.jpg


Christophe is the ‘Business guy’ of the Stroom team. He is defining Stroom’s business model related affairs and takes care of everything Anoop and Tom don’t want to take care off. As a business modelling analyst in the European and UK space sector, he has got a lot of experience with commercialising satellite based applications. Christophe has a passion for renewable energy and finding ways to promote its uptake, independent of government support. He likes to spend his free time watching cats on Instagram and eating Milky Way crispy rolls. Please get in touch with him on any of these topics!





Anoop is the 'Technology guy' of the Stroom team. Having ditched fossil fuel exploration for a more environmentally friendly means of generating energy, Anoop is developing the technical workflows that will enable Stroom to carry out its vision. Anoop has extensive experience in geospatial analytics and geographic information systems and has previously applied his skills in the oil and gas industry, the geothermal sector and with satellite applications. Anoop spends his spare time re-enacting Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and eating salt and vinegar crisps. For anything geospatial or kitchen related topics, please contact Anoop!





Tom is the 'Master Designer' of the Stroom team, whatever this may mean. He is a recent graduate who studied (BA) Sustainable Product Design. He now translates the teams ideas using his expertise into something viable by using design as a tool to engage with different demographics. Tom is particularly interested in social sustainability and how education fits within that. When not doing the above and disappearing under post-it notes, usually found, swimming, cycling, hiking, listening to and playing musical instruments.



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